Dragonsan Studios Atavism 2018 OP Standard Our Standard package can host up to 20 players simultaneously in your fantastical world... Product #: At_Op_003 Regular price: $499.00 $499.00

Atavism 2018 OP Standard

Price: $499.00  $399.20

With Atavism MMORPG Engine you can bring your game to life. Friendly interface along with documentation will guide you through all aspects of the Framework. Customizable built-in modules will allow you to create death and fear bringers races with brute force Orcs or Giants races or agile and fast skilled Elves. The most powerful day & night & weather system for Unity will make your game even more immerse. Your players will be amazed when they will experience transitions from sunny

OS: Linux 32bit or 64bit (tested on CentOS 7, Ubuntu 16.04 and Debian 8/9),
Java: 7/8 - Java 9 not supported,
DB: MySQL 5 / MariaDB up to version 5.7.

Unity: 5.6 / 2017.1 / 2017.2 / 2017.3 Free or Pro to run Editor and client.

Basic knowledge of Unity.

Basic Knowledge of networking.

  • Atavism 2018 server software you can host wherever you want (1 active server per license),
  • 20 CCU (Concurrent Users - players simultaneously connected to the server at the specific moment)
  • Atavism Editor 2018 for Unity (user-friendly graphical interface working inside Unity Game Engine)
  • Full Atavism with Demo data and Demo Unity files same as in Atavism Live Server Demo Setup,
  • Access to Atavism Plugin server code (AGIS), with coding knowledge it allows to modify and adjust

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