Atavism Roadmap

Atavism 2019 Roadmap

Welcome in 2019, we have hope that this year will be great for all Atavism Community. We have great news for you. We established and scheduled Roadmap for this year of Atavism development.

  1. Talents (passive abilities which could be learned) - NOT STARTED
  2. Loot settings (like only Leader, Free for All, By Turn, Random) - NOT STARTED
  3. Rankings (to present most active, powerful… players) - NOT STARTED
  4. Minimap (so you could use more features like showing where the specific quest can be completed) - COMPLETED (2019.1)
  5. Loading Screen (for asynchronously loaded scenes) - COMPLETED (2019.1)
  6. Premium Account Functionality (for example the extra amount of experience when the account has premium status) - NOT STARTED
  7. Atavism Theme Manager to manage UI themes, including MMO RPG UI 6 by EVIL - IN PROGRESS
  8. Horizontal Scaling Phase I for Atavism (to run more than one server of each type: in this phase proxy and the world manager) - COMPLETED (ATAVISM X)
  9. Horizontal Scaling Phase II for Atavism (to run more than one server of each type: in this phase combat and the mobs server) - COMPLETED (ATAVISM X)
  10. Migration to .NET 4.x - COMPLETED (2019.1)
  11. Migration to TextMesh Pro from the Unity Package Manager - COMPLETED (2019.1)
  12. Migration to Postprocessing Stack v2 from the Unity Package Manager - COMPLETED (2019.1)
  13. Upgrade for Garbage Collector to the modern one G1 multithreaded version - COMPLETED (2019.1)
  14. Upgrade log4j to log4j2 full async version - COMPLETED (2019.1)
  15. Atavism Editor improvements - COMPLETED (2019.1)
  16. Refactoring for Coordinated Effects - COMPLETED (2019.1)
  17. Moving all Atavism scripts to Atavism namespace - COMPLETED (2019.1)

We have hope that you like what is coming this year, we are already excited to implement some of them, so stay tuned.

Atavism 2018 Roadmap

  1. Pathfinding (Pathfinding mostly for mobs) - COMPLETED (2018.2)
  2. Socketing for weapons and armors (so you could put gems, runs or in general socket items into the weapons and armors to improve their statistics) - COMPLETED (2018.3)
  3. Enchanting for weapons and armors (so you could improve item statistics by increasing it to +1, +2, etc. with some logic behind when you failed to enchant it) - COMPLETED (2018.3)
  4. Sets of weapons and armors (so you could define some items which would be part of the set with a number of items which would give some statistics as a bonus when they are wearied) - COMPLETED (2018.3)
  5. Crafting Book (so you could learn to craft recipes and put them permanently into the crafting book, to craft items) - COMPLETED (2018.3)
  6. Auction house (so you could put on sale some of your items, so they could be visible if you are offline) - COMPLETED (2018.3)
  7. Social Plugin (Blacklist) - COMPLETED (2018.3)
  8. Windows Manager for Atavism which will let you install, and manage your Atavism for Windows - COMPLETED (2018.3)
  9. UI designed exclusively for Atavism - COMPLETED (2018.3)
  10. Non-target combat system to let your players use abilities without a selected target - COMPLETED (2018.3)