About us

Who we are

Dragonsan Studios was built on passion and love for MMORPG games and game production combined with the professional approach to clients and partners. Our goal is to change MMORPG game production by not only our self-game development but also by providing necessary tools for other developers which would like to make their dream come true and produce their own MMORPG game.

Our Projects

Atavism is the next-generation networking platform that allows developers to streamline the process of adding networking capabilities to their game. With over 28 plugins available Atavism is one of the most feature-rich platforms currently available. Atavism On-Premises allows you to host your own server where ever you want.

World of Heroes is an MMORPG which brings together players hungry for adventure with other players, interconnected common cause, heroic rescue of the world, threatened by a terrible cataclysm. The most distant abyss comes to life, terrifying creatures willing to take over the land that yet knows our heroes, or meet the overwhelming superiority of the enemy and without fear will fight.

Contact Information

Al. Komisji Edukacji Narodowej 36/112B, Warsaw, Poland

mobile: (+48) 22 122-82-86

fax: (+48) 22 122-82-48

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