Lord of Laudanum

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Lord of Laudanum

Walk the Sumerian sands in a loathed desert, craft your weapons, grow your dope and battle to become an ancient drug-lord. Write the history of opium and fight the old gods, travel to alternate states to build your dream empire or visit the brothels of almost forgotten cities.

Nothing is what it seems and nothing will be. You will feast on your addiction while raising your skills, battle with gods to build your empire and march the hot sands of the Sumerian desert. Explore the world and your mind and remember,

… there can be only one Lord of Laudanum!


In this online world you’ll be set loose with:

– Skill Based character progression

Forget character leveling or classes; your efforts and choices will decide your path in Lord of Laudanum. And there is a lot to choose from: crafting, building, combat or social behavior, all is skill-based and will form your character, if you want, you can master everything.


– Combat & Abilities

All players can choose their way of faring combat. You’ll start with a basic Knuckles skill for bare hand fights with other players or npcs but you will soon discover that there are other, much more efficient ways to take down those that need to be taken down. Players will be able to pick up Maces, Daggers, Swords, Slingshots, Bows & Crossbows and combine these skills to head out into combat. You will be able to take 6 abilities into combat and change them whenever you’re not picking a fight with somebody.









– Social Skills (friendly/insulting/sexual)

Social skills matter and you can excel in them to increase or decrease ranks with factions or gain access to special quest or items. A bit of sex in between makes for a good person as well so don’t forget to practice, otherwise you’d be the laughing stock in the brothel later on…


– Filth, you dirty boy

Lots of actions will make you dirty, filthy, and it’s simply disgusting. Certain people in the game will not talk to you or trade with you in case you’re too filthy. Keep an eye on this and wash up before important events. Nobody likes dirt in their bed.









– Drugs, lots of drugs

In the game you will play a role in the history of Opium, where it all started & how it evolved. But of course, Opium alone can get a little boring so we’ve added more substances to use on your tripping adventures. See for yourself and don’t take too much, there are some side effects to all good things in life.


– Addiction

You’ll get to the point where you’ve used too much of the substances available in-game. Well, that’s the point where you’re really addicted, no way back, we got you now. The next hit is your only way. From this moment, Addiction Levels are your concern. you’ll start with Addiction Level 1 and ultimately you can get hooked up to level 5. Wicked things are happening in each Addiction Level and more content will open up as you progress to your next hit. Only the most addicted will get a chance of becoming the Lord of Laudanum.


– Weird Animal Behavior

In this riddled world things have changed and some animals don’t behave as you would expect. See for yourself, get dirty..










Almost everything in this world can be crafted, almost. There is some great gear to be found from some very ferocious enemies. To loot these scraps from their bodies, you will need to craft and become powerful before even going for that kill. Enjoy Gathering, Woodcutting and Mining. Explore Manufacturing, Metalworking, Leather-working, Masonry, Carpentry, Growing, Cooking, Fishing or Pump up your basic stats with Engraving and Enhancing.


– Player Housing

People in Old Sumeria are not keen on strangers and refuse to sell or rent their homes. We have a solution for this though: you take some drugs, trip, and build your empire in your dreams. As we want your dreams to come true, everything you harvest from your trip will become real and usable in the real world. It’s your private parallel universe.


– Guilds

Create a guild to play and trip with your friends. Have a group ritual with a potent dose of opium and you will get linked to this ritual and come back to it. From there on you can build and work with your guild together in the same Trip and of course, everything you harvest from this will become real as well!










– Auction Houses

Need money? No time to grind? Lots of the loot you collect you can trade directly with other players or put it up for sale in the Auction House. All Houses are interconnected, buy something from another House, pigeons will deliver it to your region for pick up.


– Factions

As in all societies, this world is divided with factions. Some are friendly, some are neutral but others are full out bad-ass and will shoot you on sight. There might be hidden treasures with any faction, it’s up to you to find a way to get to them.


– Friends list / Ignore list

Found a nice dude or dudette to play with? Add them to your friends list so you can hook up again the next time you’re both online. Is somebody bugging you or you simply don’t like their faces? Put them on your ignore list and you’ll see their existence drip by from time to time.