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Medusa Pack PBR

The Medusa Pack PBR features two individual Medusa models. One has a Serpentine tail, similar to the Serpent Warrior Pack PBR, while the other is fully human...aside from the snakes on her head. Masterfully rigged and animated, this package includes the Maya rig, Substance Designer & Painter source files, Textures Customization & a whole lot more.


Dragon Pack PBR

Dragons Pack PBR is a highly detailed package containing Three Heads, Four Back options, Two Tails & unlimited texture customization. Tons of animations bring the Dragons to life, both on land and in the air. Particles included, as well as helper scripts to make texture customization speedy even with many materials at once. Also comes with a Saddle, Reins & Bridle, plus Dragon Eggs featuring two default textures and unlimited customization.
gest you use Simplygon or Mantis Online (google it, it's free) for creating your own LODs that fit your project/platform.


Human Fantasy Pack PBR

Human Fantasy Pack PBR is a highly detailed package containing Male & Female base bodies, each with Three Heads & Three Hairstyles, along with a large "Barbarian" wardrobe set, all with fully customizable textures. Tons of animations bring the characters to life, with details down to the movement of the clothing & hair. Particles included (6 magic spells). Works with the Dragon package for "Dragon Rider" Animations! Works with the Weapons & Armor Pack #1 for Bow & Crossbow Animations!


Weeper Pack PBR

Based on the classic "Weeper Statue" you may find in old cemeteries, the Weeper is a character intended to be used to frighten players. [Personally, I'd love to see him turn into a statue whenever a player looked at him in VR...just like Dr. Who!] He comes with some more unique features: Statue poses & Marble/Stone/Metal base textures, as well as a custom shader with a flow mapped normal (also customizable itself) to give an effect of shadows flowing across the textures.


Plant Monster Pack PBR

Plant Monster Pack PBR is a fanciful character perfect for Fantasy & RPG games. The animations are fluid and realistic, and the customization options are spectacular. Beyond customizing every aspect of the texture, you can create many "levels" of Plant Monster by turning off some of the sub-meshes, like the leaves, thorns, flowers or vines.


Giant Worm Pack PBR

Giant Worm PBR is no joke. While he can be resized smaller, he is 24 feet long, and in his idle position stands 15 feet from the ground to the top most position. His mouth sits 2 meters from the ground, ready to chomp on his enemies head. His attacks are strong and he can spray poison from his mouth (particles included). While he doesn't walk, he can appear and disappear from his hiding spot under the ground.


Bone Dragon Pack PBR

Bone Dragon Pack PBR goes perfectly with our living Dragons Pack PBR, having the same size. He features a custom made default texture as well as the ability to use a custom texture you may already have such as stones, metals, woods & more. Fully animated with realistic physics. He also features a killer animation where he falls apart into a pile of bones, and one where he magically reassembles.


Mummy & Sarcophagus Pack PBR

Mummy & Sarcophagus Pack PBR contains a fully animated Mummy character & Sarcophagus prop. The rig is humanoid, so the Mummy will work with other human animations! The model also features exposed Blend Shapes, so you can morph the physical mesh of the model to make a huge variety of Mummy looks!


Flying Eye Pack PBR

Flying Eye Pack PBR brings you a staple of any quality RPG. This eyeball with tentacles is an emitional creature, even with just his eye to show it! The animations are detailed and realistic, and include plenty of dialation of the iris and more. Blend Shapes allow you to customize the Flying Eye even more, adjusting the physical mesh to your liking.


Rock Monster Pack PBR

Rock Monster PBR Pack is a giant 9 foot tall magical rock character. He features a custom made default texture along with a handful of other rock textures to choose from, as well as the ability to use a custom texture you may already have. Fully animated with realistic physics & featuring a bunch of particle effects to use or modify, this is one giant creature your game needs.


Serpent Warrior Pack PBR

Serpent Warrior Pack PBR is half man, half snake. He comes with a selection of wardrobe, all of which can be removed or included individually or together. Fully customizable textures and mesh using Blend Shapes. Detailed animations include facial reactions.


Spiders Pack PBR

Spiders Pack PBR features three fully animated Spider characters. Resize in editor to create Small, Medium & Large spiders -- each one is designed to be different enough from the others so players know they're unique. Further, customize the Textures in editor to create unique looks that work perfectly for your game.